CPSIA on Forbes.com

Many of you are writing with questions about the upcoming (looming) CPSIA deadline.

There is a very informative and well-written article on Forbes.com this week entitled "Scrap The Consumer Product Safety Act" by Walter Olsen.

Craftsbury Kids has a full page of CPSIA information and links for you.

Compliance with the new law will be enforced by your state's Attorney General.

I'll keep researching and updating you as I am able.

To keep things light, there are some new listings on Etsy this week for baby bibs that cost thousands and thousands of dollars (in compliance with the CPSIA lead-testing requirements, of course).

And how could we join together as a team to fight this law without a CPSIA cheerleader?


  1. I hope the law is changed so that the small business person like myself can stay in business.

  2. Thanks for the post! Go, fight, win!



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