Mom's Daily Task Organizer - Works for Me!

I make lots of lists, but:
  • I have too many notepads.
  • I have too many scraps of paper.
  • I have an empty daily planner.
I admit it!

Over the Christmas holiday, I was scouring the January magazines with headlines like, "Get Organized!" for ideas, list pads, etc. to help me conquer my list issues.

I didn't find the PERFECT list organizer, but gathered a bunch of ideas into one that is working for me.

It's a single sheet of copy paper divided into four sections to help me organize all the tasks jumping in and out of my head throughout the day:
  1. To Call
  2. To E-Mail
  3. To Write
  4. To Do
To keep my lists and papers under control, I have made a bunch of copies of this "task organizer", punched them with a 3-hole punch and tucked them away in a binder. In the front of the binder is ONE legal notepad for phone messages.

This is the first system I've been able to keep up with for longer than a day.

It is not perfect, but I wanted to share it with you. If you have created your own system for organizing your life, I would love to hear/see it!

Print your own Polka Dot Mom List Sheets and tell me what you think.


  1. I am super organized and you are on the right track for sure!
    What i found works for me is regular old calendar(not on the wall) that i can write on daily and keep the whole month in perspective. I have to see days ahead each morning, not just today.

    Then I keep a "To Do" list like you are doing and constantly add and cross out items as my week progresses. It gets real messy and then I transfer the 2 or 4 things left to a new list and "keep on keepin on"...........
    everybody has to work out their own system. I have to have a tangible list and picture in front of my face so I can juggle it all around and stay sane!

  2. I do keep a separate schedule ( of one week) of my repetive tasks to build my etsy shop and a "to do" list.
    Now you think I am crazy
    I'm not - it really helps.
    I'm going to blog about the schedule as step #8 in a series I'm doing on "How to Improve Your Etsy Shop"
    I just posted step #7 yesterday.
    I'm studying and learning from the forums and business blogs as I's FUN :D

    Oh,... my link

  3. Ohhhh I'm a list girl for sure!!! I love crossing things of a to do list!!!

    I'm still on the hunt for the PERFECT 2009 wall calendar that the whole family works from though....

  4. I keep a calendar by the computer with all our our appts and volunteer obligations for school.

    I also keep a large calendar book with all the same info. But, it has paperwork for field trips etc. This calendar could use folders.

    I make list on post it notes. They stay on the computer desk.

  5. I like it! It's simple, yet organized and most importantly, it doesn't overwhelm you :)

    Thanks for Sharing!

  6. You sound like me! My hubby is always commenting on all my "notes" around the house! :)

  7. For me, the more simple it is, the better. I am scattered enough everyday, and looking at a planner with a thousand categories just overwhelms me. Your idea is super fantastic! The easier the better! All it needs is just a cute little flower or design on it.
    (ok, so I am always in the craft mode!)

  8. I'm trying to be better about staying organized - there is always just SO MUCH going on! How will I handle it when they are in elementary school, I have no idea! Yes, my list sheet does need a cute design to it, rather plain! :)

  9. This is so simple, yet so brilliant! You better bet that i just printed out myself a big old stack. Today things will get done! Thanks so very much.


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