Monday Moms - Find Your Happy Place

With all of this stressful CPSIA news, I am on information-overload and need some good news!

These fabulous crafty moms in business are my "happy place". I hope you will take a moment this week to visit them, breathe deeply and find happiness in their great products and excellent customer service. This is what small businesses are all about.

Click on over to visit these Polka Dot Moms and find your happy place - be inspired and rejuvenated. Full feature articles coming soon, but here is a sneak peek:

While I was browsing around the sites that these moms have sent me, I opened one e-mail link to find the most blatant copies of my work. I would show you, but my lawyer is now working on this too. Deep breaths, deep breaths, back to my happy place....

I'm going to my sewing machine - today's happy place!


  1. Nothing like sweet Polka Dots to get you in a good mood.

    I will be working on Valentines Bows tonight.

  2. Thanks so much for the plug...I love your blog and read it often! We polka dot freaks have to stick together!

    kim williams
    the polka dot press

  3. Thank you for spreading awareness and for including my site! I love what I do and will keep doing it!

  4. have you ever been to
    she has some cute stuff too!

  5. I bet the copies of your stuff are no where as Fabulous!!!!
    Thanks for the Happy Monday wishes - Happy week long to you!

  6. Thanks for including my website!


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