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My desk is a mess! Blame it on the year-end business paperwork, the holiday rush or just my lack of desire to sort, file and shred for 8 hours straight...I need some motivation. I'm thinking some cute new desk accessories will do just the trick. Thankfully, some crafty moms I know have created some great products to help us be efficient and organized in style.

The damask Monogram Desk Cup pictured above is made by Crystal of Tiny Tulip Embroidery. She also stocks coordinating monogram pens, cell phone holders and checkbook covers to help organize your life. Based in Florida, Crystal's entire store is filled with the CUTEST polka dot vinyl sticker gifts I've seen around. You'll love her low prices - and she is a super person to work with. Check out her full selection at

What are these adorable round cards, you ask? I know! I found them inside one of my favorite shops, Candice N Katie's Art, along with some adorable flower push pins (check those out later).

Her newest product line are these Round Calling Cards - in so many cute designs!

I thought having my own adorable personal calling cards would help me feel "organized" and ready to face the new year with these round beauties in my wallet! You'll have to take a second to read her profile to understand the phenomenal woman and mother behind her Charleston, South Carolina-based business.

This funtional brown polka dot pin board is custom-made by Ghiland - a clean and beautiful shop owned by a stay-at-home-mom in Portland, Oregon.

Each of her custom office pin boards measure 12" x 12" square and are made with Japanese blend fabric (linen/cotton), homasote-fiberboard and wool felt backing. Includes a sawtooth hanger and three push pins.

She makes designs in polka dot, solid and gingham fabrics to coordinate with your office perfectly! See more at

One last little indulgent treat - a black suede File Organizer by Decorative Instincts. This alphabetized document file folder has a beautiful polka dot ribbon embellishment. This will entice even me to organize all those papers on my desk!

Here are some articles I found about organizing your desk:

Happy Organizing!


  1. What great ideas to help get organized for the new year.

  2. Sally-Thank you so much for mentioning my etsy shop. You are my first blog post and I'm thrilled!

  3. Hi
    We are 2 Welsh Ladies who are about to start on a new business venture in Abergavenny, South Wales, United Kingdom called Bumble & Bucket. We are going to be doing an Old Fashioned Sweet (Candy) shop and Ice cream parlour and are looking for gifts and ideas when we saw your blog!!
    It is fab and we will be checking it out on a regular basis.
    Polka dots / buckets with a bumble bee is our trade mark.
    Bev & Gail
    we are both mums and Gail is now a new granny (Mam-gu ( which is Welsh for granny)


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