What Do I Do With All These Christmas Cards?

Yes, I still have my basket of Christmas cards to put away. I never know what to do with them all!

Some fabulous crafty moms have shared their ideas with me and I am passing on to you for the sake of all beautiful Christmas cards and photo cards everywhere.

Jesse from the Jesse B Collection writes, "I collect/display all the Christmas cards that we receive at the holidays. Then, in January, I keep the photo ones, but take all the others and use my paper cutter to cut the front of the cards (not the written part) into rectangles and squares. Then, I punch holes in the corner and pack them away in a ziplock bag for special gift tags for next year, so I’m ahead of the gift-wrap game.I do this with other cards we receive too. I just hate throwing out pretty cards, but I don’t want to keep them either. This way, I re-use them. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." Thanks, Jesse! (She forgot to mention that she designs the most FABULOUS handbags and clutches.)

Ashley from Me Oh My! Paper Boutique posted a very thoughtful and prayerful idea on her blog, Sugar and Spice Mommy. She has quite a pile of Christmas Cards and has created a prayer binder, clipped the cards to her weekly calendar and placed a frame on their kitchen table. Each week she will put 1-2 Christmas cards in the frame and her family will pray for them that week. How amazing is this idea?! Read exactly how Ashley planned this out on her blog. (Don't forget to visit her adorable paper stationery shop too!)

The photo above is from Living Locurto. She has posted a Mr. Linky for bloggers to write about what they do with all their Christmas cards. This is a great blog - be sure to add to your favorites.

See, you CAN save your Christmas cards without your family thinking you are totally nuts. I just gave you at least TWO fabulous reasons to save those cards. Which one will you try?

Happy Tuesday!

ADDED: You can also donate your cards to St. Jude's Ranch now through Feb. 28th (thanks for the reminder from SoBella Creations and Michelle's Sweet Mady's Paper Blog).


  1. If you would rather recycle your cards I saw a great idea involving St. Judes Ranch for Children on Sweet Mady's Paper Blog. This is the address http://sweetmadysnotes.blogspot.com/2009/01/holiday-cards-recycle.html

  2. You are right! Thank you for the reminder. I saw that too. Let me add that link now - that is a GREAT place to send the cards. We give a portion of sales every month to St. Jude. Thanks, SoBella!

  3. Thanks for the shout out:-) I use regular cards for tags like Jesse. The photo ones I store in a box with the Christmas decorations. Then the next year, we have fun looking at how all the kids have grown. I'm sure after a while I will have to get rid of them. But for now they are fun memories.


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