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Call Senator Henry Waxman today to call an immediate meeting of the Committee on Energy and Commerce to push back the CPSIA law's February 10th deadline for lead-testing compliance until all new "exemptions and interpretations" have been ruled upon.

Read why in a GREAT article inside the Heart Keeper Common Room.

I did! Call (202) 225-3976 to reach Mr. Waxman's office directly.

Here are some talking points you can use (credits here):

  • "I am an American small business owner requesting Mr. Waxman to call an urgent meeting of the Committee of Energy and Commerce to push back the Feb. 10th deadline on the CPSIA law until all "interpretations and exemptions" for compliance have been ruled upon."
  • "...even if the CPSC devotes full staff attention and moves at the most expeditious speed, it will be unable to issue the necessary guidance prior to Feb. 10 without violating Federal rulemaking requirements."
  • "By simply delaying the imposition of pending CPSC action to work our way through this problem we can save many jobs and ensure that toys are safe."
  • The Committee must conduct a hearing. Only Waxman can call such a Committee meeting. Only Congress can act in a meaningful way to fix the problems with this bill.
  • We don't want mere interpretations and exceptions, either. We want the Feb. 10th deadline pushed back so companies aren't trying to 'comply' when allt he interpretations and exceptions haven't even been made yet so they don't know HOW to comply with WHAT. ONLY his committee can meet and change the law.
Call now!

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  1. Great talking points. Sometimes it's hard to think what to say. Thanks for posting!


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