Why I Can Never Visit a PB Sale

I love Pottery Barn. And Pottery Barn Kids. And Teen. And Bath.

Everything there is so cute, clean, well-made, hard-to-resist...you know what I mean. And I really love a good sale.

Even though we are moms who love handmade, every now and again is it okay to "drool" over these adorable things? I hope so....

Here are a few reasons why I shouldn't be allowed to even visit their websites or the outlet stores (so dangerous!):

Warning: Do not click on links above if you are trying to get some work done. Browsing may cause an entire hour to virtually disappear. Just happened to me!

Happy 2009!


  1. I try to keep my PB addition under control by only buying clearance items (usually!). There's no way I can resist clicking on that phone link, once I hurrry up and finish this comment. The kids got a total room makeover for Christmas, and we are actually headed to PBK today to accessorize. Wish me luck!! :)

  2. What a cute post--you are absolutely right!

    I hesitate to step foot in the PBK at Green Hills; it's hard to get the kids away from the lovely play spaces there, too.

  3. I did not heed your warning and I clicked and lost 30 min. before I got a grip! Great sale items!

  4. At least PB gives us something to work toward - you will find me with a torn out catalog page searching in Home Goods and Target for similar looks! I think I should have asked for PB gift cards for Christmas though. :)

  5. I have to hunt down the nearest PBK...something I have not done yet after our most recent move. Those playroom items are an absolute must for this family!!!


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