Your CPSIA Vote Counts on

We are one month away from the February 10th deadline for all businesses who create products intended for children under 12 years of age to comply with the CPSIA guidelines for product safety (including documented lead-testing). Please vote on to save small businesses.

Polka Dot Mom has joined the list of businesses who endorse this change and you can add your business link to the roll call too!

I have contacted all of my suppliers and they have assured me they will have their lead-testing documents and safety certificates ready for the deadline. I read there is a $100,000 fine for businesses not complying with the new safety standards. Maybe Congress can at least put a moratorium on the fine until this crazy CPSIA law is amended. Or we will all be out of business!

Read more about this law to keep yourself informed:

We all know how important small businesses are to our economy. Learn how to send e-mails to your state lawmakers in our previous post.

Keep crafting - we'll get through this!


  1. Am I reading the article on fashion incubator right that if you produce children's clothing and it is labeled correctly we can still sell as long as our suppliers have had their product ie-fabric tested and have provided us with doc to prove it? I am so confused by all of this.

  2. That is the way I am reading it, that is how I am moving forward with my business with this. I am not an expert and this is not legal business advice, of course. I would keep reading those links and I will update here as well. I am going to keep moving forward with my business, that is my choice. Thanks for your comment!


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