15 Minutes a Day

I just read a great article on StartupPrincess.com, a great business-resource site, titled "Use 15 Minutes Every Day to Grow Your Business".

Author Erika Wilde has these ideas for your 15 minutes:
  • Research one competitor’s web site and product line.
  • Make one extra phone call.
  • Look at the day’s web analytics and compare to the previous week.
  • Write one more “FAQ” or short article for my website.
  • Update or “freshen up” one page on my website.
  • Edit one photograph to make it work better online.
  • Email one supplier with a quick thank you note.
  • Solicit a couple of repeat customers for product reviews.
  • Search online for one related product to add to my line.
  • Start work on a press release.
  • Add internal web links on keywords in one article.

I love this quick tip! You can also read articles about how to use Twitter for your business, or how-to "Acknowledge Mistakes with a Sense of Humor" all at http://startupprincess.com/wordpress/.

While you are checking your watch and timing your 15 minutes, why not wear this amazing polka dot lampwork bead watch made by WM Jewelry? Isn't it fabulous?

Wonderfully Made Jewelry is owned by Mindi, a Kansas City mom of two who is a graphic designer and jewelry artist. She writes, "I love making things that inspire and bring joy to others. I try to make every piece original and fun"...and Wonderfully Made!


  1. Is that pic all ONE bracelet that is too cute and funky! Thanks for the link to the princess business blog :)

  2. Good resources...thanks for posting.
    And that bracelet is darling, too. Going to check out her blog next!

  3. Thanks for the link! We can all use tips on how to improve our business.

  4. Thanks for sharing that site. I now have it bookmarked! :)


  5. Thank you for the shout out to Startup Princess, glad you're liking our posts. Hope to see you around again soon.


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