T.I.C.A. - Thursday's "That Is Cute! Award"

Sometimes I "pop" in to Etsy and something on the front page catches my eye and I just have to share it with you!

The very first T.I.C.A. award goes to Ekoh Designs, "a little bit of paper-covered love".

I cannot remember which of her items was on the front page, because once inside her shop I started clicking around so frantically and loving every single item I opened!

These polka dot butterfly storage tins are one of my favorites, and aren't they CUTE?!

Ekoh writes, a "pretty little quart and pint tins with lids. Orange butterflies and blue mini-dots, the perfect combo. A place for your barrettes, crayons, paperclips, pens or whatever you wish...." Only $12 for the pair!

This crafty mom says, "I get a lot of my inspiration from my 3 kiddos, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my six year old daughter who loves crafting even more than I do. She always let's me know what doesn't look right. I got my artistic talents from my Mom (and Gma, 4 generations!) and a lot of these ideas as well. So thanks, Mom! Those things being said, I simply love to create and I hope that you like what I've made."

Another cute paper-covered tin set I think it totally CUTE:

See you over at Ekoh Designs - tell her congrats on winning the first T.I.C.A. award from Polka Dot Mom!

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