Polka Dot Easter Fun (Eggs & More)

There are WAY too many cute Easter things out there! I had a ball gathering these for you.

The vintage-inspired polka dot paper Easter ornament tags by Catnip Studio above are so beautiful (and on sale)!

Photo courtesy of Lilybird Designs - I love her idea for this really cute Easter egg "hatching" photo card. So fun!
This scrapbook Easter treats paper box can be made by YOU (some fun polka dot papers, maybe?) thanks to some awesome instructions and photos by Julie Koerber.
Mom from Kansas City and owner of Lili Bug Boutique made this adorable polka dot ribbon carrot hair clippie!
You can make these fun paper-punch polka dot Easter eggs by Daily Activities for Kids with your kids too - you'll need a hole puncher, colored paper, glue, Q-tips and glue. You can use this technique with glitter too!

I love the comprehensive guide to dyeing Easter eggs from Amazing Moms. From natural dyes to crayon-resist to sponge-painting your eggs, this is a great place to start.

And just for your kids, here are some great FREE Easter coloring pages to keep them busy while you mix the dyes or clean up the kitchen AFTER they dye their Easter eggs.
These coloring pages are perfect for a "quiet book" for Easter Sunday too - grab your stapler to make their own Easter book for a FREE Easter basket stocking stuffer!

Coming tomorrow - a cute Easter smock project sent in by a crafty mom in business. You can make this with a dishtowel and it's perfect for your kids to wear while dyeing their Easter eggs.

Happy Easter!

More Business Tips (and it's tax time!)

Baby "Tax Deduction" Onesie by Fun2Wear2

Modish has compiled the BEST business articles I've found - perfect for crafty moms in business to read, bookmark, subscribe to, etc. Read all of the articles inside the Modish Blog - Business Tips for Your Creative Business.

Some of the recent posts:

And just in time for taxes (April 15th is just around the corner), business woman and creative diva J. Caroline has written a guest article entitled "Tax Time for Procrastinators". That's me!

She writes, "Expenses are where it gets exciting. Really. The IRS says any expenses are deductible that are considered "ordinary and necessary" for your business. So if the expense is for your business, it is deductible." Read more tax tips....

I found Modish's business tips blog through J. Caroline's blog - a very fun place to stop in while you sip your morning (or late night) coffee.

To your business!

Weekend Reading from Simple Mom

Photo courtesy of piPhotos

(Once you head over to Simple Mom, you'll see why I picked these cute sneakers.)

Simple Mom is a well-written, easy to read blog you should definitely add to your reader...her motto is:

"Live simply, stay sane. Life hacks for home managers."

I love her pick of Weekend Links - very thoughtful and a great mix of blogs and websites with timely articles.


Friday Happiness

It's 3:00 p.m. on a sunny Friday afternoon, my awesome mailman just picked up all of today's packages and my husband left 2 hours ago to pick up the girls from school (so I could sew). The house is QUIET..."if only for a moment" (love that TV commercial with the octopus mom).

When you own a small business and work from home, moments like this are very rare!

It's just you and me. Let me show you the cute new shirts I shipped out today...aren't they fun?! Hot pink and orange make me very happy. The #4 birthday tee above is for PJ, our photographer's daughter.

My customer Sarah and I designed this one for her daughter's first birthday party:

And look who else wanted to come to my "Happy Friday!" party, it's our new hot pink and orange polka dot and floral skirt:

Skirt says to tell you she will be available by Monday. Or maybe even today if my husband keeps the girls out for another hour! :)

So, what do you think of the hot pink tee shirt? Should I stock this as a regular color?

I think it is too much fun. My husband sees it as "inventory".

Oh, I hear our van rolling up the driveway...it was fun while it lasted.

Have a great weekend, Moms!

Want to Open Your Own Business? Start Here.

Got questions? Some fabulous moms in business have written some amazing articles that you should read and put in your "new business toolbox". Better than a trip to the library for a bunch of business books...these articles are written by moms in business. Grab a pencil and take notes:

More links and articles are on their way...I must get back to my sewing machine now.

Have a great day, Moms!

More GREEN from Tucker Blair

Tucker Blair wants to get in on the St. Patrick's Day fun...now offering our readers 25% off your entire purchase today only!

She has the most beautiful selection of handmade needlepoint belts, headbands, key fobs, flip flops and unique gifts. You will love her shop. The green polka dot needlpoint headband is my favorite!

All of their products are 100% hand-stitched and made from the finest wool materials from New Zealand. They even do custom orders for your club or organization.

The St. Patrick's Day coupon code is "stpatty".

Happy GREEN Shopping!

Your Lucky Day

Heidi at Frill Seekers has sent YOU a fabulous coupon! You will LOVE her store. So many unique gifts you will be amazed!

Here are my favorite GREEN personalized gifts inside Frill Seekers:

  1. Lime green personalized spring and summer handbags from Frill Seekers

  2. Green monogram personlized party cups

Honee at Calico Flamingo just sent you a 20% off EVERYTHING coupon for today and tomorrow. Enter code SPRING at checkout. She has the best fabric prices...I love this GREEN polka dot by Michael Miller (CPSIA approved):

Post YOUR Lucky Day Sales below as a comment for our readers to see. Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Busy Mom

Photo courtesy of Linda2520

I'm still here!

I'm taking care of my family right now...both of my little girls are sick so I am "building a nest" around them and giving them lots of hugs and attention.

I also still have loads of sewing to do...which I love, but only wish there were more daylight hours in the day!

To your little nest -

Little Break

"I am a sewing machine" pink tee by Red Paper Record

I am going to be away from Polka Dot Mom for a week...a "sewing vacation", if you will.

I'm kind of looking forward to it! I have a ton of new skirts that need matching tees...I have photographers waiting for their samples...I have tutus in new colors just begging to be sewn.

I'll be back, I promise.

I hope you love these cute Etsy finds...isn't Etsy fun?

(I am taking an Etsy "no window shopping allowed" break too - I love that place.)

I'll be back next week with some more great mom-owned businesses to share with you!