Friday Happiness

It's 3:00 p.m. on a sunny Friday afternoon, my awesome mailman just picked up all of today's packages and my husband left 2 hours ago to pick up the girls from school (so I could sew). The house is QUIET..."if only for a moment" (love that TV commercial with the octopus mom).

When you own a small business and work from home, moments like this are very rare!

It's just you and me. Let me show you the cute new shirts I shipped out today...aren't they fun?! Hot pink and orange make me very happy. The #4 birthday tee above is for PJ, our photographer's daughter.

My customer Sarah and I designed this one for her daughter's first birthday party:

And look who else wanted to come to my "Happy Friday!" party, it's our new hot pink and orange polka dot and floral skirt:

Skirt says to tell you she will be available by Monday. Or maybe even today if my husband keeps the girls out for another hour! :)

So, what do you think of the hot pink tee shirt? Should I stock this as a regular color?

I think it is too much fun. My husband sees it as "inventory".

Oh, I hear our van rolling up the was fun while it lasted.

Have a great weekend, Moms!


  1. thank you! i have a bunch of designs to add...not enough hours in the day. enjoy your weekend, michelle! :)

  2. I love the hot pink shirt! Super cute party outfits.

    I agree about not enough hours.

  3. you're so cute. so is the skirt available yet?!

  4. Love your new creations! Makes me want to go downstairs and get busy. My girlies would love me to make them a skirt like that : ).
    Cute, cute....


  5. I vote yes on the hot pink, too! Love the skirt.


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