More Business Tips (and it's tax time!)

Baby "Tax Deduction" Onesie by Fun2Wear2

Modish has compiled the BEST business articles I've found - perfect for crafty moms in business to read, bookmark, subscribe to, etc. Read all of the articles inside the Modish Blog - Business Tips for Your Creative Business.

Some of the recent posts:

And just in time for taxes (April 15th is just around the corner), business woman and creative diva J. Caroline has written a guest article entitled "Tax Time for Procrastinators". That's me!

She writes, "Expenses are where it gets exciting. Really. The IRS says any expenses are deductible that are considered "ordinary and necessary" for your business. So if the expense is for your business, it is deductible." Read more tax tips....

I found Modish's business tips blog through J. Caroline's blog - a very fun place to stop in while you sip your morning (or late night) coffee.

To your business!

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