Polka Dot Easter Fun (Eggs & More)

There are WAY too many cute Easter things out there! I had a ball gathering these for you.

The vintage-inspired polka dot paper Easter ornament tags by Catnip Studio above are so beautiful (and on sale)!

Photo courtesy of Lilybird Designs - I love her idea for this really cute Easter egg "hatching" photo card. So fun!
This scrapbook Easter treats paper box can be made by YOU (some fun polka dot papers, maybe?) thanks to some awesome instructions and photos by Julie Koerber.
Mom from Kansas City and owner of Lili Bug Boutique made this adorable polka dot ribbon carrot hair clippie!
You can make these fun paper-punch polka dot Easter eggs by Daily Activities for Kids with your kids too - you'll need a hole puncher, colored paper, glue, Q-tips and glue. You can use this technique with glitter too!

I love the comprehensive guide to dyeing Easter eggs from Amazing Moms. From natural dyes to crayon-resist to sponge-painting your eggs, this is a great place to start.

And just for your kids, here are some great FREE Easter coloring pages to keep them busy while you mix the dyes or clean up the kitchen AFTER they dye their Easter eggs.
These coloring pages are perfect for a "quiet book" for Easter Sunday too - grab your stapler to make their own Easter book for a FREE Easter basket stocking stuffer!

Coming tomorrow - a cute Easter smock project sent in by a crafty mom in business. You can make this with a dishtowel and it's perfect for your kids to wear while dyeing their Easter eggs.

Happy Easter!


  1. Thank you for featuring my Easter tags amongst all of these cheerful Spring selections!

  2. Cool stuffs!
    For Easter, we will give the kids this coloring page to color online, http://www.thecolor.com/Category/Coloring/Easter.aspx.

  3. the carrot clip is waaaaay too cute!


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