Kindergarten? What?

Today I'm feeling a little strange...I'm supposed to take all my forms and documents and health records to my oldest daughter's elementary school (ack!) to sign her up for kindergarten this fall.

Time does fly. You were right, I get it now!

My goal for the day - finish work early so I can take them to the playground after preschool.

It's enjoy-today day!

Hope you are having beautiful weather where you live too....


  1. It is true. My oldest is in kindergarten this year. Have some tissues ready for the first day of school.

  2. Just did that a couple weeks ago...Seems like only yesterday that you and I were shopping for maternity clothes together. :(

  3. Time really does fly! My daughter starts 1st grade next yr & my youngest starts preschool. Can't beleive it!

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