Make a Dishtowel Easter Apron Smock

Cathi Lawler, owner of Whimsical Wishes in Gersham, Oregon has graciously shared her instructions for making this cute Easter smock apron with dishtowels. Thanks, Cathi!

She writes, "these instructions are for a child about 2-4 years old. For a bigger one, use two dish towels instead of cutting one in half."


  • One dish towel (2 for larger size, I got mine from the dollar bin at Target)
  • Ribbon (cut 4 pcs approx 14” long and 2 pcs approx 10” long)
  • Scraps of fabric for easter egg cutouts (I used 3 kinds of tutti fruiti fabric)
  • Felt for bunnies
  • Rick-rack trim (optional)
  • Yarn for bunny tail (I learned how to make yarn pom-poms)


  1. Cut dish towel in half (don’t cut if using two towels for larger size)
  2. Use hemmed edge as the top of smock and fold in a couple of inches on an angle, like a long triangle (to make the top not extend past the arms)
    Do this to both pieces.
  3. Sew down the angle and then trim excess with pinking shears. (Or if you don’t have pinking shears, you could fold over twice to enclose the edge)
  4. Next, cutout decorations like easter eggs, bunnies, etc. I used felt for the bunnies and tutti fruiti fabric for the eggs. (I went on the internet and got some coloring pages to trace for cut-outs)
  5. Use a hot glue gun or regular craft glue to attach the felt pieces. Iron fabric cutouts onto heat n bond adhesive type stuff and then remove paper backing and iron onto smock where you want them.
  6. Now sew rick-rack on bottom (the cut edge) of front piece. You can sew it on the back piece also, I just turned it up and zig-zagged it.
  7. Make a pompom with the yarn or you could hot glue on cotton balls
    (to attach the pompom, I left the yarn piece that I tied it together with, about 3 inches long, cut out a small circle of felt and cut two small slits in the circle, poked the yarn through the slits, one in each slit and tied a couple of knots. Now you have a base to hot glue the pompom on with.
  8. Measure ribbon to go over the shoulders and sew onto the front and back pieces. Side ribbons should be 14 inches or more to allow for side of smock to be open and still have length to tie a bow. Sew side ribbons at about waist or hip height.

"Ta da! You are done! This is could be made for other holidays too."

Instuctions by Cathi of Whimsical Wishes. All rights reserved

This is a great craft to make with your kids this week before you dye all those Easter eggs. Wouldn't these be cute for them to wear in the kitchen for photos? For boys, pick a red, blue or yellow dishtowel and primary or pastel ribbons. He will love it too. Especially the yarn pom-pom Easter bunny tail - I love that.

Thanks again, Cathi!


  1. This Easter Smock is Adorable! Thanks for Sharing :)

  2. Thank you Sally for posting my Easter smock. My granddaughters wore them to preschool and everyone loved the idea! Thanks again!


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