Polka Dot Fabric Banners on SALE

Amy of Giggleberry Creations is my favorite Polka Dot Mom from Australia! She sent me a note about this HUGE free shipping sale going on now through April 26th. Her new designer-fabric bunting banners are fabulous and you will have such a hard time choosing just one (or two). See her full selection of handmade fabric birthday banners inside her Etsy shop.

Amy writes, "I'm a stay at home mum with a 15 month old, and a 8 year old - both girls! And my new arrival: A 1 month old boy! I love to get the creative juicess flowing with my sewing machine, but I only have so many nieces and nephews to make things for so - lucky you - get the chance to have a hand made one of a kind Giggleberry Creation!"

Her fabric bunting banners each have nine flags. Each flag is approx 9" (at longest point) by approx 7.5" (at widest point). The ribbon reaches approx 2.5m long, including approx 16 inches of ribbon at each end for hanging. All the flags are double sided so can be hung across a room.

Giggleberry's fabric flag banners are a great and easy way to add character to your little one's nursery, bedroom, cubby house or birthday party. How about matching them to your existing decor? or using them to make your market stall stand out from the rest? - The possibilities are endless....

Remember, free shipping sale ends April 26th.

Send your shop's upcoming sales and announcements to us too: polkadotmom@gmail.com.


  1. Thanks for posting this Sally - New you'd love the pink and green polka dot set!

  2. I love Amy's banners they're fantastic. Great feature.

  3. I am getting married in May and i have been looking for the pink and green fabric to do a candy table everywhere. Is there anyway you can tell me where you got the fabric from? I would appreciate it. Thanks! Brittney Mahan, SC


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