Gettin' Ready for the Pool

Our neighborhood pool is opening this weekend. Nevermind that I am totally freaked out about wearing a bathing suit in front of my neighbors, I am excited for my girls to be able to swim all the time this summer. Maybe my own personal bathing suit PHOBIA will keep me from opening the pantry in-between meals. I sure hope so!

Back on track - I need to get my act together and pack my girls' pool bag. I think this waterproof polka dot wet bag by Paisley Baby is exactly what I need!

Handmade by a mother-daughter team, Paisley Baby was founded in 2002. She writes, "Paisley Baby is a combination of my love of fabric shopping and my mom’s 50 years of sewing experience. Together we design and create unique baby accessories and funky fabric handbags. Pretty fabric and quality craftsmanship make us smile. We hope they make you smile too!"

Their 100% cotton wet bags are lined with waterproof fabric and close with a drawstring. Use one at the beach, the pool or for toting gym clothes. These bags are perfect for carrying wet and soiled items while keeping the inside of your suitcase, diaper bag, purse or swim bag dry and clean.

This large waterproof polka dot cosmetic bag for mommy's own pool essentials is on sale too:

See you over at!

What is your must-have "taking the kids to the pool" item?


  1. What a great idea. I love that they are waterproof and taht each child is in charge of there own thing.

  2. I am hearing you about the bathing suit phobia. I go through it weekly when I have to participate in my sons swimming classes.
    Love the bag idea!

  3. Thank you for lovely feature!

  4. Bathing suit season already?? Oh agony! Great bags though. Do you sell polka dot mumus?

  5. Letti, that is a great idea to get each child their own wet bag - for once I wouldn't have to carry everything! If I find polka dot mumu dresses for the pool - you all will be the first to know! :)

  6. Love the bag! We take our girls to the Disney Water Parks pretty often. So our swim bag stays packed. Sunscreen and Frozen Water is a must for us.

    I stopped fighting the swim suit issues and decided to buy swim shorts. I feel more comfy.

  7. Our must have is an "always packed bag." I keep spare change, sunscreen, and the pool toys in our bag at all times. Then we load the snacks and water bottles on our way out the door. We have 4 kids, so the more you can "keep packed" at all times. The better. As for the swimsuit issue, did I mention that I have 4 kids? Oooh...not my favorite thing about summer!


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