Looking for a Few Crafty Moms

So you may have sent me an e-mail at some point this year and you are wondering, "Mmm...I wonder when Sally is going to feature my business on Polka Dot Mom?"

Well, all of those lovely e-mails have gone POOF! by way of the dreaded blue screen error message on my work computer.

I am now up and running on a new computer and would be ever so thankful if you could please resend your request to be featured here to polkadotmom@gmail.com.

Thank you!

P.S. - Now I use http://www.mozy.com/ to back-up my files. Enter code "UPLINE" to save 20%.


  1. Our computer has been acting wonky lately. I'm sure we will have to buy a new one before the year it out. I bought a my book for photo storage. I would hate to lose pictures of my girls.

    Sorry about the computer.


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