Paint-Your-Own Polka Dot Rug

Check out this hand-painted polka dot vinyl rug that Toni made! She is the owner of Design Dazzle and a very crafty gal herself (you simply must pop over to her site and blog for fabulous DIY projects and decorating photos).

Her complete tutorial covers supplies, techniques, tips & tricks to make your own polka dot mat.

Toni loves fabulous, brilliant design especially relating to kids - so what better way to enjoy this passion, than to find others to share it with! The best part about my website and blog is all the people I meet along the way. Creating gives me a joy-filled life. I love my family, a good party, designing something fun and seeing a kids room that says "wow"!

She is looking for a few creative moms with photos of their own kid's rooms designs - read more inside the Design Dazzle Casting Call.

Thanks for this great "polka dot project", Toni!

Some variations for your own polka dot vinyl rug:

  • Make a Twister game board
  • Use primary colors for the "art area" or playroom mat
  • What about a pink and green polka dot mat to decorate a birthday party?
  • Stencil your child's initial inside a few circles
  • Use this at the entrance to your craft show booth to bring in the crowds!

How will you use your painted polka dot mat? Happy painting!


  1. That room is fabulous! LOVE it!! I LOVE your new blog look too. I've been reading your blog for forever, but I rarely comment. I do love it though! I always like reading about the featured Mommy businesses.

  2. Oh GREAt idea to use a mat for the craft stall tent - Thanks for the tip and the link!

  3. Isn't that rug idea fabulous?! Thank you for noticing the new blog look, Kristin - I've been playing around all afternoon so you may have seen several designs today! :) I get bored easily and I love all the cute free blog designs out there, so I figure I'll be supporting some MORE great moms in business by using their blog templates. is wonderful - her designs are so cute!
    Amy - you are always welcome, thank you for always letting me know that you stopped by! :)

  4. Your new blog looks GREAT! Love the polka dots!

  5. Great idea & love your new look! :)


  6. Sally,
    Thanks so much for featuring my daughters room and rug! What a wonderful write-up about my site- thanks bunches! Loving the new blog look:)


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