She Wants Something Cute for Her Business

I like to shop. I like to shop for my business. Here are a few places where I like to blow all my profits. Uh, mmm...where I like to "invest" my profits. :)

I think a gift certificate (hint, hint, honey!) to any one of these shops would be a fabulous Mother's Day gift. Where do you like to shop for your cute business essentials?

First, my buddy Teresa over at Mimi & Reese introduced me to the fabulous graphic design talents of McPrincess Maree. Go visit her shop, you will love it (see photo above for more proof).

Next, I love to shop at Sweet Papery. I have given several gift certificates to moms in business that I work with every day. She will create a CUTE rubber stamp for you too. I use my stamps (yes, I have more than one) every single day on every single packing slip and shipping label. Love them! She sends coupons out to her mailing list too - be sure to join!

Last but not least, I just started working with Sugarelli on some new business cards and hang tags. Stephanie is wonderful to work with and you will not believe her prices. Seriously, head on over to see her at Sugarelli. Order five times and receive 10% off EVERY single future order. I'm on order number one, but I'll get there. :)

So moms, if you receive CASH for Mother's Day or a husband who says, "Buy yourself something nice", now you know where to go. Something cute and a great investment at the same time!

To your business -

Have a super weekend, Moms!


  1. Thanks for the stamp link. I have been wanting to buy a stamp for SoBella Creations. I will be sure to check out these shops.

  2. GREAT idea... maybe I need to link this to my hubby's emails somehow for the hint hint! Thanks!

  3. I love the idea of a stamp! I've hearted Sweet Papery and plan on purchasing one soon!

  4. I have a friend who is setting up her Etsy shop so I recommended McPrincess Maree to her. Thanks for the tip.


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