packing up our home

It is finally here! Our family move to Birmingham, Alabama. The packers arrive tomorrow and turn our home into a cardboard-box-castle. I think by tomorrow night all that will be left to remind us of our home are the beds. Technically, we will be without a place to call home until next Wednesday. We are thankful that the in-between homes time is 5 days instead of 5 weeks (or months).

My girls are 5 and almost 3 - they keep checking with me to make sure that ALL of their toys are coming with us. The oldest asked yesterday why we have to move. I told her so we can be with daddy and see him everyday (he has been in Alabama working since October). She says, "Mom, when daddy goes out of town for work, can we come back here and see my friends?" Breaks your heart. Thankfully we are only 3 hours away and have already planned a visit in August to celebrate my daughter's 3rd birthday party here in Nashville.

The precious polka dot homes painting is handmade by Kelly of Initialee. She is in Birmingham..and I think this painting will be making its way to our new kitchen wall very soon. :)

Today I am shipping the last of my orders and packing up all the little things in my office. The movers warned me that "all little things will be thrown in the bottom of a box" when they are packing the house tomorrow. And all of my 100-yard spools of ribbon need to come down off my giant pegboard so hubby can remove that from the wall for them too. So many rules.

I'll check in this weekend with you!

Amy - You Won!

Lucky #15 from is our winner for the Quote the Walls vinyl gift card.

Congratulations to crafty mum, Amy of Giggleberry Creations (that is her banner above)!

love vinyl? last day to enter

Friendly reminder from your neighborhood pal, Grover:

Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Quote the Walls to pick-your-favorite vinyl wall art!

Entries accepted through midnight PST (6/22/09).

Shabby Apple Exclusive Coupon

Don't you just love this Gumballs polka dot dress? The ladies over at Shabby Apple would like to give Polka Dot Mom readers a special 15% off coupon code through July 31, 2009. Hooray!

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Quote the Walls Vinyl Giveaway - You Pick!

Do you love vinyl wall decor like me? This is so much fun, I am so excited for you to meet crafty mom Rebecca and tell you about the treat she has for you!

First, about her company Quote the Walls:

"Quote the Walls is a family-run and -owned business that cares about customer service. We located in Phoenix, Arizona where the sun shines daily. My husband and I work the business along side our two small children. Quote the Walls was started after my search for quotes for my daughter's room. I was not able to find companies that would make custom vinyl sayings for me or they wanted to charge such large sums that I could not afford them. Our goals is to make our quotes affordable for everyone who wants one and we love to do custom orders."

Rebecca has so many vinyl wall art designs and I love how she has everything organized on her site. You can click on categories like "kitchen", "laundry room", "play room", or even "personalized monograms". The possibilities are endless (she even sells packs of polka dot vinyl stickers in your choice of colors)!

I love this little playroom vinyl art:

Here's the really fun part:

Rebecca would like to give one Polka Dot Mom reader a $25 gift certificate to Quote the Walls!

(Boy, I could really spend $25 easily in her shop.)

To enter to win this $25 gift certificate, please visit and pick out your FAVORITE vinyl wall art saying, graphic or design, then come on back here and leave a comment below. If you blog about this giveaway on your blog, come on back here and leave another comment with the link to your blog post.

You may leave comments through Monday, June 22nd at midnight PST. Thanks, Rebecca!

Polka Dot Dad Day Card

Look what I found!

The perfect polka dot Father's Day card for the Polka Dot Dad in your life. :)

Available today inside MMSi's "handmade cards and stitches.

Is Father's Day really this weekend? John has requested a "nice meal". This is a tall order since he is Italian and his mom is a GREAT cook! Any recipe suggestions?

Simpler Times

So, I'm stitching this monogrammed initial koozie for my sister and I love how it turns out so I decide to snap a photo for my site. Wouldn't you know there is not a single Diet Coke can or water bottle to be found in our house? Only a single, lone, probably expired can of my husband's Trader Joe's "Simpler Times" beer. Lucky me!

So here's my sales pitch: "You can own this preppy initial monogrammed terry koozie and be the talk of your next sorority or beach party. Perfect for the boat or poolside. Fits your beer can like a glove." What do you think?

Have you ever had a day like this?

The over-the-top polka dot serving tray (under the classy beer can koozie) was grabbed my yours truly in the JoAnn's summer sale section. :)

I'll Be Needing One of These...

"New Nest" polka dot tree moving announcement design by Carli at Dimple Prints.

Cute polka dot newspaper house moving card above by Jenny Dixon at 1-2-7 Digital Designs.

Big News! We sold our home here in Nashville and will be relocating to Birmingham, Alabama at the end of the month. Very fast, but my husband has been working there since October, so we are thankful and excited to be all together again. We are house-hunting this weekend. My oldest daughter will begin kindergarten in August too. I am giving her bits of information slowly. Today she learned about a "moving truck" as the estimator went through the house taking inventory. I need to find a book about this at the library to read with them. She is already asking me about when she will be able to see her friends. Oh dear!

Enough of my rambling...I could go on and on! :)

Please bear with me as I work double-time to complete and ship all of my business orders by June 20th. I'll still be here - maybe a little less, but I'll pop in with exclusive coupons for Polka Dot Mom readers and even a cool personalized vinyl monogram giveaway coming up soon too.

Blessings to each of you -