Simpler Times

So, I'm stitching this monogrammed initial koozie for my sister and I love how it turns out so I decide to snap a photo for my site. Wouldn't you know there is not a single Diet Coke can or water bottle to be found in our house? Only a single, lone, probably expired can of my husband's Trader Joe's "Simpler Times" beer. Lucky me!

So here's my sales pitch: "You can own this preppy initial monogrammed terry koozie and be the talk of your next sorority or beach party. Perfect for the boat or poolside. Fits your beer can like a glove." What do you think?

Have you ever had a day like this?

The over-the-top polka dot serving tray (under the classy beer can koozie) was grabbed my yours truly in the JoAnn's summer sale section. :)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forces their husband to drink cheap Trader Joe's beer!

  2. These would go a treat down in OZ for women, my husband has hundred of what we call stubbie holders. Generally which are horrid looking and I hide away in a basket. There are very few nice female options avaialble in the market.

  3. Very Cute!!! I wouldn't have know it was a beer can... when I looked at it I thought it was one of those Arizona green teas!!

  4. He likes that beer, but maybe not that much because it's been in the back of the fridge forever! I love Joann's too - hope there is one close by when we move. Good call on the Arizona tea - maybe I can pull it off. Or maybe I need to take a new photo. I'm happy now, my fridge is stocked with 22 cans of Diet Coke. :)

  5. MINE! I totally want one - let me know when they are in your shop! :)


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