Make a Polka Dot Art Board

I am in LOVE with this polka dot peg board with artwork clips (for her kids' masterpieces) by Chris of Just a Girl!

I found this tutorial by way of Kari at U create (tons of crafty moms are featured here) and couldn't be happier.

After you read the polka dot peg board tutorial, you will want to RUN to the store. Or maybe there is a spare pegboard in your garage that needs some polka-dot-love.

I have just the wall in my laundry room for this peg board. My girls are always bringing me pictures and I would love to display them like this (especially since my refridgerator door is covered).

Maybe I'll put one in my office to clip up that week's orders? That would be fabulous!

Let me know if you get your paint cans out this weekend to make your giant circles like Chris! :)


  1. Love this tip! I posted it on my blog! Thanks!

  2. I am SO doing this! I have pegboard that I am hanging up in my work area. I was happy to leave it white, but i would have missed out on using my accent colors. Now I will have a pink pegboard with white circles with a white frame-Thanks so much for the easy inspiration.

  3. I saw that on U Create too and can't wait until I have time to make it!

  4. This is so cool! have a great weekend!

  5. thats very neat... just started following your blog.. I hope you can follow mine too.

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  6. Fun! My Grandma had a big board like this when we were little but it was not as fancy. Great idea!! Amy :)


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