My Thoughts in the Carpool Line...

I have been away this week...because I have been in the school carpool line.

You too?

I am new to this club, this new stage of mommyhood that starts every morning at 7:30 a.m. in the elementary school carpool line. Do you remember this feeling? Like everything is not quite right? Like leaving your child behind in a strange place for seven hours is just wrong?

We moved to Alabama a little over a month ago and I have really been looking forward to kindergarten starting for my daughter to meet some new friends. Now that it is here, she is not too thrilled with being away from mommy and sister all day long. Today, she climbed into the car after school and said, "I had a great day!" By the time we got home she was asking if she had to go back again tomorrow and then plotting to be sick because, according to her, "You get to stay home from school when you are sick."

I have a lot on my mind these days. Just mommy stuff and business stuff. It is a lot. Enough to make any mom scream out her window and honk her horn in the carpool line. Oh, I almost did it.

The carpool line does give me a bit of time to just sit quietly and think. Thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the afternoon of waiting, waiting, waiting. My youngest sits in the backseat watching a movie or sleeping and I stare out the windows.

One day I cleaned the inside of my windshield and dashboard with Windex Wipes.

One day I plotted how to tell the crossing guard that yes indeed, she did forget to let our line of cars take a turn TWICE and now I was one of the last cars even though I arrived 30 minutes earlier (watching cars that arrived 1 minute before pass me by).

One day I tried about ten positions for our bright flourescent orange cardstock carpool number. Then I saw a veteran mom clip her number card on child's plastic clothes hanger (for pants) and hang it on her rear-view mirror. So smart! I copied that the next day.

Is it wrong that I want to "craft-out" my orange carpool number card with polka dot ribbons, a scrapbook-style frame and a new funky font for the numbers?

Tomorrow I hope to sketch out the outfits for this weekend's photo shoot that I need to sew (or maybe I'll be adding glitter to my number card).

Boy, I wish I had this In Touch Clutch (tm) by (pictured above) for my carpool time. Made by a crafty mom of a 4-year-old, she has been super-busy with back-to-school orders. Must be orders from frustrated moms like me who want their front seat to be totally organized and clean. :)

Here's more: Try 34 Things To Do in the Carpool Line from

I like this blog post on - "Carpool Etiquette for Dummies".

Surprisingly, I could not find many products geared toward moms livin' it up in the school carpool line. That's a little business niche just waiting for one of you crafty moms to take over (I could charge big bucks for a great idea like that, but I won't). Or should I?

Now you are all caught up with me. For today anyway. :)

What's your favorite thing to do in the carpool line?


  1. I spend my time in the carpool lane reading. Like you my youngest daughter sits in the back watching a movie. Some days she stays at home with her dad. So I enjoy my little bit of time in the car pool lane.

  2. Makes my heart beat fast just thinking about it. We homeschool so I don't have a carpool lane!!

  3. Just started reading your blog. We are in Bama too, with a brand-new kindergarten student! We just all pile out of our cars and "mommy-chat" while we wait! Enjoying your blog!

  4. I used to read mail, catch up on phone calls, actually have some time to process a thought, or pray. My daughter is in 1st grade now & rides the bus w/ other neighborhood kids. Love it! No more carpool lines for me.....till my next child starts school ;)

  5. Didn't know the carpool line was so hectic! Thanks for sharing!


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