Fabric for a Polka Dot Mom's Kitchen

Did you know this "Morning Call" polka dot rooster fabric existed? It is over-the-top fabulous! I just ordered a yard for my kitchen valance because I just want to see this fabric every morning and every evening while I'm washing the dishes. Isn't it the cutest? (Or do you hate it?)

It is from a fabric shop with the coolest name: Quilt Sandwich (http://quiltsandwich.etsy.com).

The owners, Becca and Kris, are super-friendly and happy to answer any questions. Even silly questions from me like, "Where did you get your super-thick business cards printed?" Yep, I'm that girl.

Here is a fabric coordinate from the Morning Call Rooster line:

Becca and Kris blog at www.quiltsandwich.typepad.com and they even have the line of Kaffe Fassett's Spots fabric (another fave).

Note: Quilt Sandwiches are fat-free and fabric-full. I couldn't resist.

Favorite Blogs - Reluctant Entertainer

This is me, a "reluctant entertainer". I love to plan parties and have people over, but often the stress (or thought) of getting ready for company stops me from inviting friends over for dinner.

I run a business from home. We have two little girls (and a new dog). We just moved to Alabama. There are boxes stacked up to the ceiling in my hallway and bedroom (can't believe I just told you that). My girls' art projects and ongoing games are ALWAYS out. There are baskets of laundry to be put away in EVERY room. Oh, but I love to plan parties....

It's time to invite my neighbors over for dinner. They have brought us brownies and cupcakes and invited us for dinner too. It's my turn. So thank goodness I have Sandy's Reluctant Entertainer blog to turn to when I start to hyper-ventilate over the mess in my house. :)

Read my favorite post (by a guest on Sandy's blog).

Get the recipe for Chicken Chili I used last Halloween to entertain our old neighborhood friends after trick-or-treating. I used the crock pot and it was a wonderfully casual and FUN evening with friends. Well worth cleaning the house (but Sandy says it's okay to have dishes in the sink).

Go visit Sandy if you ever feel a little bit "reluctant" to entertaining. Find her recipes at the bottom of every page as well as links to her guest bloggers' posts (which are fabulous).

Blog Favorites List - Susie Harris

Don't you buy this. I want it.

I love stopping by Susie Harris' blog. I hope you will too! She has a thoughtful post about TIME today. I think God wanted me to read that.

Thanks for your understanding as I give myself some quiet time to hear what and where God wants me. Blessings to each of you!

Another favorite blog tomorrow....

Taking a Little Break

I wish I could go hide inside this beautiful house and then sit on the front porch for hours in a comfy rocking chair.

I was about to add one more project to my plate. But today is not the day. I need some time to sort out my self, family, home and business. It is tough keeping all of the balls we are juggling up in the air, as you know.

This was not planned, but I need to take a little time away from Polka Dot Mom.

I'll still be blogging at www.polkadotbirthday.com and I will be stopping in here to share some fabulous blogs with you. There are so many these days!

Take some time for yourself. Take a breath and enjoy the view.

(Cottage painting by Erin Go Paint)

Pea Pod Winner

Congratulations, Julie B.!

The owners of Pea Pod Announcements will be in touch shortly.

Remember everyone can save $$ with coupon code "polkadotmom" at check-out.

Be back today with some thoughts on a new focus for Polka Dot Mom and how you can join me...

Fifty Bucks Going Once, Twice...

Today is the last day to enter the SWEET $50 gift certificate from Pea Pod Announcements.

Go ahead, you may win fifty dollars to spend! :)

Have a blessed Sunday with your family -

Coupon Time!

The ladies at http://www.peapodannouncements.com/ have read your comments so far for their giveaway below and want to give YOU a special 10% off coupon!

They are launching their popular holiday card line next week and you may use our secret coupon code to purchase your holiday cards too.

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Thanks, Heather, Susan and Judy!

(Handmade fabric coupon organizer photo courtesy of iSew.)

Pea Pod Announcements Giveaway

Where do I begin?

First let me introduce you to the busy moms behind the Pea Pod Announcements business:

Heather founded the business in June 2005. After attending nursing school, she knew there had to be something out there allowing her to stay at home with her babies. Already dabbling in graphic design, it wasn't long before she put her foot in this 'baby announcement' niche. What was started as a part time home based business has expanded into a thriving, full time website. Everyday, she is blessed to build a business she adores and becomes a part of a very special moment in each customer's life. Follow Heather's personal life in her new blog, Mama Behind the Designs.

Susan joined the company as co-owner in April 2009. She just gave birth to a new baby girl last week! Susan is a nurse by trade but fell in love with stationery a long time ago. If you ever wonder 'when do I send my announcements out, who do I send my announcements to, how do I properly address my envelopes?' - no worries, Susan is very versed in etiquette and if she doesn't know the answer immediately, she will get back to you with an answer! Follow Susan's personal life in her new blog, Schmoozing with Susan.

Judy, also Heather's mother in law, stepped in to help during the summer of 2006. Each and every order is personally inspected and assured by Judy herself. After the card is deemed Perfect, she then carefully packs and ships each order. The tedious job of labeling each and every card, counting countless envelopes, boxing each order into our signature kraft box and tying delicate bows; it's a long job and Heather is incredibly grateful for the support and commitment her mother-in-law Judy brings to the company.

Now, back to their fabulous stationery designs (oh, and that little giveaway thing I mentioned before) ...

As you can see from this teeny-tiny sampling of the cards, invitations and announcements inside their store, these ladies live up to their mission to be "a small company founded on the basic principle that all things can be stated beautifully."

See more of their stationery collections by category:
You'll see a lot of polka dots in their designs, which I love!

Head on over for a peek inside their store and find your very favorite design, you'll need that in a minute.

Drumroll, please!

These very talented (and generous) moms are giving away one $50.00 gift certificate to one lucky Polka Dot Mom reader to go shopping inside http://www.peapodannouncements.com/.

This giveaway will run from Monday, September 14th through Sunday, September 20th.

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To enter:
  • Leave one comment below with your favorite, favorite, favorite design from Pea Pod Announcements.

Good luck! Contest ends at 12:00 midnight PST on 9/20/09.

9/11 Moment of Silence

Photo courtest The Eyes of a Child.

Lilybella Winner

Congratulations to the crafty mom behind SoBella Creations for winning the www.lilybella.com giveaway prize package!

Lilybella School Goodies Giveaway

Karen at http://www.lilybella.com/ is here to help gear your kids up for back-to-school with easy to clean oil cloth pencil cases and coin purses. She has the best handmade oil cloth products for home, work, school and play. Have you visited http://www.lilybella.com/ today?

Karen's long-standing business and expertise with oil cloth make visiting her shop so much fun. Every time you go, she has created a brand new product with oil cloth or chalk cloth. She is very creative - her products are useful and unique.

She is offering all Polka Dot Mom readers a 10% off coupon code going on now: Enter code "PDMoms" at check-out.

The Lilybella back-to-school giveaway prize pack includes one pencil case (above) and one coin purse (pictured below) in your choice of any oil cloth color or pattern. Create a matching set for yourself or your school-age children. Keep reading for entry instructions.

Karen's pencil cases are made with two coordinating oil cloth fabrics with a chalk cloth strip on the front to write a message to your child like, "I love you, and hope you are having a good day!" You can customize the pencil case to match their backpack, or just choose the fabrics based on your child's own favorite colors. The pencil case is waterproof inside and out and has a coordinating snap closure. If it gets dirty at school, just wipe it clean!

Your next prize is the Lilybella Personalized Kid's Coin Purse. It clips on his/her backpack to carry lunch money or important phone numbers. The clip is attached with coordinating ribbon and the coin purse snaps closed to keep items secure. Coin purse measures approximately 3.5" x 3". Choose your favorite colors to create a custom initial monogram coin purse today!

To enter the Lilybella back-to-school giveaway, please leave a separate comment below for each entry:
  1. Visit http://www.lilybella.com/ and tell us the most unique oil cloth product you found (other than pencil cases and coin purses).
  2. Become a follower of the Lilybella blog at http://www.lilybellaboutique.blogspot.com/.
  3. Tell us your favorite oil cloth pattern and color.

There you go! Three easy ways to enter to win your own free pencil case and coin purse. Contest ends Monday, September 7th at midnight PST.

Be sure we can find your e-mail address if you are our winner! :)

Remember you can shop at http://www.lilybella.com/ today and save 10% with code PDMoms too.

Good luck!