Fabric for a Polka Dot Mom's Kitchen

Did you know this "Morning Call" polka dot rooster fabric existed? It is over-the-top fabulous! I just ordered a yard for my kitchen valance because I just want to see this fabric every morning and every evening while I'm washing the dishes. Isn't it the cutest? (Or do you hate it?)

It is from a fabric shop with the coolest name: Quilt Sandwich (http://quiltsandwich.etsy.com).

The owners, Becca and Kris, are super-friendly and happy to answer any questions. Even silly questions from me like, "Where did you get your super-thick business cards printed?" Yep, I'm that girl.

Here is a fabric coordinate from the Morning Call Rooster line:

Becca and Kris blog at www.quiltsandwich.typepad.com and they even have the line of Kaffe Fassett's Spots fabric (another fave).

Note: Quilt Sandwiches are fat-free and fabric-full. I couldn't resist.

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