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This is me, a "reluctant entertainer". I love to plan parties and have people over, but often the stress (or thought) of getting ready for company stops me from inviting friends over for dinner.

I run a business from home. We have two little girls (and a new dog). We just moved to Alabama. There are boxes stacked up to the ceiling in my hallway and bedroom (can't believe I just told you that). My girls' art projects and ongoing games are ALWAYS out. There are baskets of laundry to be put away in EVERY room. Oh, but I love to plan parties....

It's time to invite my neighbors over for dinner. They have brought us brownies and cupcakes and invited us for dinner too. It's my turn. So thank goodness I have Sandy's Reluctant Entertainer blog to turn to when I start to hyper-ventilate over the mess in my house. :)

Read my favorite post (by a guest on Sandy's blog).

Get the recipe for Chicken Chili I used last Halloween to entertain our old neighborhood friends after trick-or-treating. I used the crock pot and it was a wonderfully casual and FUN evening with friends. Well worth cleaning the house (but Sandy says it's okay to have dishes in the sink).

Go visit Sandy if you ever feel a little bit "reluctant" to entertaining. Find her recipes at the bottom of every page as well as links to her guest bloggers' posts (which are fabulous).


  1. Thanks for telling me anout her blog. I love hearing about blogs from others.

    PS I love your blog too.

  2. I'm now a follower... thanks for sharing!


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