Taking a Little Break

I wish I could go hide inside this beautiful house and then sit on the front porch for hours in a comfy rocking chair.

I was about to add one more project to my plate. But today is not the day. I need some time to sort out my self, family, home and business. It is tough keeping all of the balls we are juggling up in the air, as you know.

This was not planned, but I need to take a little time away from Polka Dot Mom.

I'll still be blogging at www.polkadotbirthday.com and I will be stopping in here to share some fabulous blogs with you. There are so many these days!

Take some time for yourself. Take a breath and enjoy the view.

(Cottage painting by Erin Go Paint)


  1. It's important to get your priorities back in order once in a while. Good for you for recognizing the need to spend some more family and "me" time.

  2. Thank you so much! Taking one thing off your plate is like taking a deep breath and being able to exhale. Thank you for understanding. :)

  3. I can imagine you have a lot going on especially since you really just moved to a new state. Everything is new. We all have to take time to enjoy ourselves and our family.

  4. Enjoy your well deserved break Sally - smiles from me down under :)

  5. We all need to take the time to break away from our everyday and hear what God desires for us.


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