Prayers 4 Emily Schmidt

Meet sweet Emily Schmidt.

I wish I didn't have to write this. Oh dear, the tears are starting to flow now.

Emily is the 7-year-old daughter of Craig and Melissa Schmidt. Craig and my husband have been best friends since they were little guys running around Lake Sherwood in Commerce Township, Michigan. Her mom Melissa is the kindest, most giving person you'll ever meet. Emily has an older brother, Hunter.

My daughter Mia just LOVES Emily. Emily is everyone's friend, a gracious hostess and always with a smile and a hug for you.

Here is a photo of Craig, Melissa, Emily and her brother Hunter last summer:

This summer, Emily was admitted to University of Michigan hospital. Her parents thought she had a really bad case of mono. After many tests, doctors diagnosed Emily with Stage 3 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (most common in adults) as well as HLH, a rare cell disease.

During her first month at this hospital, Emily experienced many complications due to the Epstein Barr (mono) virus and her chemotherapy including heart failure, pneumonia, BK virus, psoriasis, mouth and throat ulcers and infection, teeth abcesses and more. She returned home for two weeks, then returned to U of M for another round of chemotherapy.

Her home church has arranged a bone marrow drive and fundraisers for the family. Craig and Melissa's friends and family have organized two benefit events for Emily. Sadly, she was not able to attend either due to being re-admitted to the hospital each time.

Today, Emily is being transported via ambulance to Cincinnati Children's Hospital (donated) because of her rare diseases and new discovery of cancerous cells on her lungs, spine, spleen, kidneys and liver. The next course of action is a Bone Marrow Transplant.

Her family cannot say enough about Emily's strength. They are amazed at her courage. When asked how she feels about all of this Emily says, "Well, I just try to be good, and hope it's over soon."

If you feel lead to help me give this little girl a little love today, please pray for Emily. You can read more about her story at

You may have read on my website about God whispering this Isaiah 43:1 Bible verse to me since August:

The Lord says,
"I have called you by name.
You are Mine."

I want every child to know that God knows them by name. Will you help me?

I am sending a care package to Cincinnati for Emily. If you are called to create a personalized gift with Emily's name on it (or her mom Melissa, or brother Hunter), please send me a note to

Or if Emily's story has inspired you to create a gift for a child in your town who needs to know that God knows them by name, I ask you to please create a personalized gift for them. Please send photos of your creations to me at so we may bring even more crafty moms into this project.

God bless you all. Thank you for praying for Emily and all the children in need of prayers. "For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Matthew 19:14).


  1. I added a link on my blog to your post. I hope the word spreads like wild fire!

  2. I remember meeting Emily at your Christmas party when it was Mia and Wesley's first Christmas...I remember her clearly, because she was so social and sweet!

  3. Emily and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers daily.

  4. I was just telling my husband today..."please tell me to just SHUT UP if I complain about trivial stuff." This kind of thing is all that matters! Prayers will def be said for little Emily and her family...bless her heart!


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