Go Green Jewelry for the Holidays


Are you sure this beautiful turquoise-esque stone is made from recycled newspaper?

Are you sure?

That ring is awesome!

Tricia, the owner of DogHaus Jewelry assures me that YES, her jewelry is made from recycled newspaper.

This Phoenix stay-at-home mommy writes, "DogHaus was born from an idea, the need for a new hobby, and a pot of boiling water. All DogHaus jewelry is made from recycled newspaper with a splash of creativity!"

Tricia's one of a kind jewelry pieces are made from handmade and hand-painted recycled newspaper beads and sterling silver wire. Each is hand-wrapped and sized to fit. Custom bead colors available and always FREE SHIPPING in the good 'ole U.S.A. (I love to send Christmas gifts with free shipping, don't you?)

Find rings, earrings and bracelets inside the DogHaus online store.

Check out Tricia's DogHaus blog for great specials and giveaways!


'Tis the Season (to give really unique GREEN gifts)!

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