I Made the Cat Sweater, Oh Yes I Did

My 5-year-old daughter wanted to be Miley from the TV show for Halloween.

She wanted to wear a pink jacket and leggings or a velour jogging suit. Neither screamed, "I am Miley from the TV show" to me.

So she picked an episode. Or maybe I nudged a little bit. See the short video clip above for our "inspiration"! :)

Why was I so bent on cutting up a stuffed animal into pieces and re-sewing its head and tail on to a pink sweater? (And why do I secretly wish I could do that every day?!)

Make-your-own Miley cat sweater (you know you want to):

  1. Buy, Find, Re-purpose a pink sweater (ours was $1.99)

  2. Search every aisle at the dollar store for a stuffed cat. Settle on a white bear with promise. Yep, head can be made into a kitty face and yep, one leg can become a kitty tail (for the back of your sweater)

  3. Run home and get started- try not to let your children see you smiling while you cut up the bear.

  4. First cut off the bear's head.

  5. Next cut up the middle of the bears body to make a longer "leg".

  6. Cut off the leg - this will be the tail.

  7. Sew up the side seam of the leg where you cut it.

  8. Place the teddy head in the middle of your sweater.

  9. Shove it under your sewing machine and satin stitch across the base, sewing to the sweater and stitching up the hole you made so the stuffing won't come out at the same time.

  10. Bear head will flop down so add a few more stitches on each ear, then at top of head if needed.

  11. Next position the tail/leg in the middle of the back of the sweater and sew it on too.

  12. Grab some felt to turn your bear face into a kitty cat face (think triangles and some whiskers)

  13. Show your daughter and see a BIG smile (yea! she is excited about her costume!)

  14. Add leggings and Wal-Mart boots to complete "the look"

  15. Wait 364 more days until you can cut up dollar store stuffed animals again without people thinking you are crazy. :)

I'm trying to find a photo of her back - but yes, the tail is on there! :)

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my very silly side. Crafty moms in business can still have fun too!


I love to hear your ideas, questions and comments! - Sally

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