The Monogram Swap Knows Your Name

Meet Lauren, mom and owner of new online selling boutique, The Monogram Swap!

Lauren lives outside Charlotte, NC with her husband, 16-month-old daughter and her "very lazy bassett hound".

She is a woman on a mission with an amazing idea:

She wants all of our children's precious monogrammed clothing (that no longer fits) to find a good home and to help us make a little money along the way.

Lauren writes, "Monogrammed clothing is timeless. Unfortunately, children aren't. After having four girls, my sister-in-law had closets full of monogrammed clothing, but no one to wear them. Having a relatively uncommon last name, there weren't exactly people lined up to take her "V" clothing."

"This is where I came in to the story. In June of 2008, I had a little girl and that collection of "V" clothing was welcomed into my house. As I explained to my husband how much money I was saving him, I decided I should make this possible for other moms."

In 2009, The Monogram Swap was launched as a way for moms to buy and sell personalized items. Whether you're cleaning out closets or shopping for a birthday outfit, this should be your first stop. Find 3-initial monograms, initials and embroidered names.

There is usually a 50-cent per item listing fee, but all listings are free until December 1st.
The Monogram Swap is similar to Ebay in its format: The seller creates an account, uploads photos, writes a brief description, and sets their price. When your item is sold, the seller ships the item and gets paid.

Lauren has made it easy. Find your monogram in these categories:
Home Items
Sporting Goods

Remember, listings are free through 12/1/09!
See you over at - isn't this THE BEST idea?!

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