- Give and It Shall Be Given Unto You

It is finally here!

The Project 320 Prize Vault is about to be unlocked.

Over 300 handmade gifts from moms all over the U.S. have been donated, shipped, opened and re-packaged into 15 unique prize bundles.
Will you help us build a well in Africa so moms just like us can give their kids clean and safe drinking water?

Step #1
Make a donation ($10 donation = 1 ticket) here:

Step #2
View all of the prize bundles on the Project 320 blog

Step #3
Choose your favorite(s) and leave 1 comment under that prize for each $10 donation you made (donate $30 and you may enter to win 3 times)

Julie explains the process much better here:
Project 320: "How Is This Going to Work?"

(Yes, I made those key chains as my donation to the project!)


  1. You are awesome Sally! Thanks for spreading the word for us!! :)

  2. sally-
    i hope you are okay, i am copying your is so good and i sent julie a crayon roll for project 320...thanks!

  3. That is just fine, Melissa!

    Thanks to YOU Heather for being a leader in this project!


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