Set Your Sights on 2010 - Business Planning 101

As we all are wrapping up our holiday orders and shipping the last boxes to our customers, we will (hopefully) have a few weeks to breathe, sit back and evaluate our businesses in 2009 and begin looking forward to our business plans for 2010.

As a work-at-home-mom, I'll admit that business planning is often done on a whim, an idea in the carpool line, or inspiration in the shower - something that is done very quickly.

I would like to be more methodical, more PLANNED in 2010. As an entrepreneur, my head is always going in a thousand directions and I do think I can "do it all", but really - do I need to do it ALL? No.

I do need to be there for my kids and my husband. I do need to take time back for myself. I do need to continue building and branding my business.

So I've been doing my usual searches for some GREAT business tips and planning tools to help us have an even better 2010.

I stumbled upon this great website, Moms of Faith.

She is running a special Faith and Business 101 series for the holidays.

Bookmark this.

Then after all of your orders are on their way, grab some coffee and come back to this. She has set it up so you can easily read from post to post in this special series.

To your business being even better (and better-planned in my case) in 2010!

What are your plans? Please share them with us below - it is important to have a network of supporters to be successful!

I read on Melissa's blog that she will be focusing on having a "good, strong brand image" for Two Little Tots.

I'd love to hear your goals for 2010 too. :)


  1. Boy, we must be twins! Your business planning sounds a little like mine. My focus in 2010 is to get the word out more about my new online fabric shop. I have several advertisements in the works. Hopefully, they will pan out.

  2. Hey - you have the beginnings of an advertising plan - that is awesome! Tell us your new shop link so we can visit, Jackie. :)

  3. Thanks Sally for the shoot out for Two Little Tots. A few other things that I want to focus on once the holiday rush is over:

    -brand...a new shop makeover, new business cards, tags, the whole works....i can't wait.
    -getting my name out more...really focusing on advertisements.
    -new items and what is not working, which at this point not sure...just some slower sellers.
    -buying some my fabric whole sale
    -getting a better packaging/shipping process down.

    I would love to hear your tips on any of these. I love your blog.
    Thanks again Sally!

  4. My strategy for 2010 is, like Melissa's, to raise brand awareness. I'm also aiming to increase the dialogue on my blog and offer more resources for DIY projects, interesting finds, etc. Thanks, Sally!

  5. Now that I'm slowly getting the hang of my 4 month old..(ah..who am I kidding..)..I'd love to dedicate more time to expanding my etsy shop. My mother and I make custom onsies, booties and blankets. I also plan getting my name out there and with time, hopefully be able to one day leave my corporate job. Here's to a successful 2010!! Cheers!

  6. I also have a little fabric store on Etsy, but we are growing fast! My personal business goal for this year is to get a handle on advertising costs and effectiveness, and also develop and launch a boutique web-store so we can expand away from Etsy. I LOVE Etsy but I think my shop is going to outgrow it very quickly. I want to integrate our shop and blog completely and expand my offering of sewing classes from my home. Wow, that's more than one goal! If anyone needs some help setting up a boutique shop, please let me know, I think i could help!



  7. Sorry, I don't know why it published.
    My shop address is:



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