Top 10 Organizing Tips

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy.

P.S. I want that green and white polka dot fabric for my office...and that bookshelf.... :)

Apartment Therapy's Benita Larsson has put together her Top 10 Organizing Tips for you!

Here are a few of our favorite tips from Benita:

  • Corral your Clutter - a basket by the stairs (to go down/up), a bowl by the door for keys and phones, paper files/slots for each family member to keep papers under control.
  • Let it Go - keep a row of bags or bins in the garage ready to go out. Sort by who they are going to - younger neighbors/cousins, second hand stores and/or recycling.

Read all of her tips here at Apartment Therapy (you'll love the photos of her apartment!).

Dress Up Your Home Office

Sew 4 Home has some FABULOUS sewing tutorials for your home. Like these fabulous pom-pom pillows!

I wish I had a sofa in my office, but I do have a sewing chair that needs some "pretty".

Tip: Clean and decorate YOUR space first, then make something cute for your kids or your living room. Put yourself first. I will if you will. :)

Also check out these instuctions from Sew 4 Home:

Tell me if you make something from Sew 4 Home!

Free Accounting Worksheets for Your Small Business

Numbers, numbers, numbers! (Fabric available inside The Sproutz Store)

Are you a numbers person? Me either.

I've decided that we creative types need to stick with the scissors and thread and glue.

Someone I know is VERY good with numbers. She loves numbers. Many of you may already know Holly.

She owns Accounting SPOT and offers free and low-cost accounting, budgeting and tax planning spreadsheets made especially for small businesses.

Start your 2010 tax year off right - download one of Holly's free (and easy-to-use) spreadsheets:

Simple Profit & Loss Spreadsheet

Starter Business Budget Worksheet

Calculate your Production Costs Worksheet

You will love these. Be sure to follow Holly on Twitter so you never miss one of her freebies or giveaways too. Thank you for helping small business owners like us, Holly!

"Compassion" for Haiti this Valentine's Day

Now you can support a child living in poverty in Haiti and your child can sport one of these cute Valentine's Day applique tees at the same time!

Now available inside in limited sizes but at a GREAT sale price of $24.00 with FREE shipping.

PLUS 25% of your purchase goes directly to Read their blog for recent updates on their staff in Haiti:

Our little "Port-au-Prince" or "King of Hearts" tee for boys:

Thank you in advance for helping me feed children in Haiti along with Compassion International.

God bless, Sally

Help for Haiti from Polka Dot Moms

Love this polka dot photo birthday invitation? Birdies Custom Cards is donating all proceeds through January 25th to the Red Cross for Haiti Relief.

I will be listing several items for Haiti in my Etsy shop tomorrow too.

If you are donating proceeds for Haiti, leave a comment below or on our Facebook page so we may shop with you!

Or send me a note to with a link to your Haiti listings.

Did you hear there was another 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Haiti this morning about 35 miles southwest of Port au Prince? I cannot believe it.

Let's gather all the Polka Dot Moms together and help all the moms and kids who need us in Haiti. My donations will be going to a Christian organization for kids - Compassion International (

More soon - Sally

Where I've Been This Week

I've been on BLOGGER!

I've been making the new site for Judith's Hope for God's Children project.

What do you think?

The image above is the standard 600 x 600 size for Etsy product photos.

If you'd like to join us in Emily's Launch, right click the photo above and save to your computer.

Etsy shops WILL BE PARTICIPATING in Emily's Launch. Yea!

Mine included (

Will you join me?

Send me an e-mail to and I will add your shop's link to the www.hopeforgodschildren website.

There is a new "Inspiration Board" post up there too for Emily's Rainbows & Blue Flowers Launch (2/18 - 3/4).

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Big Hugs to all of you - Sally

Will You Join Me? Ebay Launch for Emily

Blue Flower Hair Clips by Two Little Tots

Sorry I have been away for over a week. Emily's passing has thrown me for a loop. Her service on Saturday in Michigan was beautiful. We made the trip from Alabama to Michigan on Thursday and returned Sunday. Whew! But well worth it. Wouldn't have missed it. I do have a favor to ask though...

Has it been a while since you've sold on eBay? Me too.

Has it been a while since you've been a part of a project with Christian women (who own web-based businesses too)? I highly recommend it.

Would you like to help me honor Emily's life and create some very special handmade items for an eBay group launch in her memory? I hope you say, "Yes!"

I have recently joined eBay groups The Vine and Hope for God's Children. I don't know how they found me, but I think God had something to do with it. These Christian women are fabulous. So positive, so supportive, so special!

Both wanted to do something for Emily. Because of The Vine, Hope for God's Children was created by Judith. She has now opened up her group to the public. You can access the group's Facebook page here and that will link you to the group's eBay page.

The launch theme for Emily will be "Rainbows & Blue Flowers". See the cute blue flower clips above? These would be perfect for Emily's launch (hint, hint).

Here is the reason for this theme (grab your tissues):

In December, Emily's mom Melissa was laying in her daughter's hospital bed.

Melissa said to Emily, "When you get to heaven, will you send me a sign?"

Emily replied, "I will send you a rainbow when I am sad. I will send you a blue flower when I miss you."

Huge lump. Can you believe these precious words? Emily was almost 8-years-old when she passed away on January 3rd.

If you would like to join me in creating ANYTHING handmade that ties in blue flowers OR rainbows, please join the Facebook group and the eBay group, Hope for God's Children.
You will receive all the information you need to participate in the launch which begins on February 18th.

Now my wheels are spinning (or maybe it's the 2nd cup of coffee kicking in) and I'm thinking we should parallel the eBay launch on Etsy. What do you think? All the sales are still PayPal and can still be forwarded to the same account. Mmmm....need to go chat with Judith. :)

All proceeds from your sold listings will go directly to Craig and Melissa for Emily's medical bills.

You may e-mail me directly at with any questions at all.

God bless you!

Join Emily's Launch Here

Heaven's Newest Angel

Many of you have been with me since I began the Isaiah 43:1 Project with our first precious child, Emily Schmidt.

I wanted to share with you that Emily went to Heaven early on Sunday morning.

Thank you to those crafty moms who sent personalized gifts to Emily especially. You are all so special to me.

You can read my entire post here.

Thank you for taking this journey with me - because of you and because of these kids, I WILL continue this project.

Please pray for Emily's parents, Craig and Melissa, and her brother Hunter today.