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Please take a quiet moment today to stop by the Isaiah 43:1 Project blog.

There are three new families who desperately need our prayers.

There is reason for praise. There is reason for tears.

If you feel called, please come over to

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Holly at the Accounting SPOT has opened up her secret business spreadsheets vault.

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Hug Emily's Family - List Today on Etsy or eBay

You may remember me telling you about our good friends in Michigan, Craig and Melissa Schmidt. Their daughter Emily began her fight with cancer in July 2009 at the age of 7 1/2. She was a joy to everyone she met and a little girl who was always wise beyond her years. She loved everyone and made you feel so welcome and so special. Emily always made us laugh! The last time we saw her, she was carrying around her fancy purse, a Hannah Montana camera/music player and a lucky marble...that she gave to my daughter (who thought it was the coolest thing ever).

In November, Emily was chosen by the Hope for God's Children eBay group of praying women to be the beneficiary of a February special launch, with all proceeds going to her family to help cover her rising medical costs and the approaching bone marrow transplant.

In late December, doctors at Cincinnati Children's Hospital told Emily, her parents and her brother Hunter the news - the full body radiation treatment had not stopped the cancer. In one month's time, the cancer had grown three times its size. Emily would not be healthy enough for the bone marrow transplant, and there were no further treatments. She was allowed to go home to Michigan with hospice care. A few days later, the Make-a-Wish Foundation flew the Schmidt Family to Florida because Emily wanted to go to Disney.

On January 2, 2010, Emily and her family swam with the dolphins at Disney. It was a wonderful, special, treasured time (the family even has a video). Late that night, Emily was having trouble breathing. Her dad stayed up late with her in the hotel until he knew they needed to rush to the hospital. The whole family drove over and Craig put the car in park, ran around the car to grab Emily from the back seat and ran inside with her in his arms. This is where she took her last breath.

One of the many blessings that have come from this deep sadness is that the Hope for God's Children ladies agreed unanimously and whole-heartedly to continue the February benefit launch for Emily's family. The women posted over and over again that the family still needs our help, and what better way to wrap our arms around them.

Today, that special fundraiser for Emily will begin.

Read how-to list on eBay or on Etsy on the Hope for God's Children site (I wrote the post).
Find links to the eBay auction template, the Etsy product image and Etsy avatar (optional).

Here is a sneak preview (designed by Traci at Leeziebee - amazing!):

I'll post late tonight with all the beautifully made "blue flowers & rainbows" I find on Etsy and eBay. Thank you! May God wrap His arms around YOU today as well.

Valentine's Day Giveaway {Just for You}

I had a Valentine's Day surprise for YOU waiting in my inbox this morning -

The chance to win this luxuriously soft mediterranean blue microplush blanket from the ladies at the new Christian blog site, Feathers From Our Nest.

The founder Kim just knew you would love this blanket to keep you warm on all these cold winter nights. I am always covered up with some blanket or another around my house. Especially when I am typing the night away in our cold basement (where my studio is).

It's easy to win - just enter your e-mail address in the Feathers From Our Nest "e-mail updates" box and the ladies will randomly select five winners (there are four other great prizes too!).

Read more about Feathers From Our Nest.

If you'd like to keep up with what the ladies at FFON are up to - join their "e-mail updates" newsletter...and hopefully you'll be the winner of this fabulous blanket!

Happy Valentine's Day, Moms!

Connect the Dots with your Blog Readers

(Vintage Connect the Dots Coloring Book by Tiger Luxe)

Laurie of Tip Junkie has put together some fabulous resources for your business blog!

She attended the recent BlissDom blogging conference and is sharing her session notes with us.

Part I: Connecting With Your Community of Readers

Part II: Connecting With Your Blog Readers

Thank you so much, Laurie! These are invaluable tips and ideas that will keep me BUSY for the next few months (and years).

Got all Your Supplies? Now It's Time to ADVERTISE!

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Polka Dot Mom is now accepting inquiries and payments for our next round of advertising spots.

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{Crockpot Dinner} "The In-Laws are Coming" Tortilla Soup

Yes, my in-laws are coming to down tonight. Haven't been to the store, haven't changed their bed linens, haven't cleaned the bathroom, haven't done the know how it goes when you are a work-from-home mom!

I just sent my husband an e-mail - "Honey, trying to figure out how to sew and clean the bedrooms at the same exact time. Help!"

I figured if the house wasn't clean, at least it can smell GRANDE (that's Spanish for big, but is more fun to say GRAND-ay!). Anyway, the house will small fabu with Erin's Haute Plates recipe for...

Crockpot Tortilla Chicken Soup

Yea! Thanks, Erin!

(You'll love all the recipes on her site - be sure to bookmark.)