{Crockpot Dinner} "The In-Laws are Coming" Tortilla Soup

Yes, my in-laws are coming to down tonight. Haven't been to the store, haven't changed their bed linens, haven't cleaned the bathroom, haven't done the dishes...you know how it goes when you are a work-from-home mom!

I just sent my husband an e-mail - "Honey, trying to figure out how to sew and clean the bedrooms at the same exact time. Help!"

I figured if the house wasn't clean, at least it can smell GRANDE (that's Spanish for big, but is more fun to say GRAND-ay!). Anyway, the house will small fabu with Erin's Haute Plates recipe for...

Crockpot Tortilla Chicken Soup

Yea! Thanks, Erin!

(You'll love all the recipes on her site - be sure to bookmark.)

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