Free Tutorial - Frayed Rosettes by SisBoom

The gals at You Can Make This! have partnered with SisBoom to create this free Frayed Flower Rosettes tutorial for you!

Use to embellish pins, hair bows, head bands, coats, dresses, purses and more!

Simply sign-in to your account (a must-have for any crafty mommy) and download the free pdf file.

Have fun and send me links or photos of the rosettes you make! :)


  1. These are beautiful and looks very easy to make! Actually, I need something pretty for my hair for work, and I think these will be perfect. BTW, thanks for the tutorial. =)

  2. How cute! I'd wear bunch of these flowers as a necklace. Statement bib... Do they sell this?
    I visited your website too. Beautiful things you have there.
    Would you please check out my brand new Etsy shop?

    Maya of

  3. ... sorry, I meant to mention I hand paint childrens shirts on Etsy
    Georgia Blue Boutique


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