Maybe Mommy Needs a Magnet Chart

I wrote the other day about the chaos, then about the magnets for TV I'm thinking I need my own magnet board!

(These are my daughters' reward/magnet chore charts in our kitchen. Their backpacks hang on those flower hooks after school. My youngest painted the stop-light at preschool so I tacked it up there too!)

So my girls are doing chores around the house and earning magnets for each chore. Four chores = One 1/2 hour TV show. Yesterday they folded laundry AND put it away in their drawers just so they could watch one show. (I'm easy - I gave one magnet for folding, one for putting away = 4 magnets pooled together for one show!)

The TV magnets go in the white section of the magnet board. Above are their everyday chores (a little lacking in magnets right now) like setting the table, making your bed, feeding the dog, loading the dishwasher, staying in your bed all night, etc. :)

So I am thinking I want my own magnet chart.

Like when I finish a big sewing order, can I get one magnet as a reward too?

I already know how I will "spend" my magnets. I'm thinking kid-free trips to Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods just to sip a Starbucks and walk the aisles in total silence. Ahhhhh.....

Do you give yourself "magnets"?

Perhaps as working moms and moms who work from home, we need to give ourselves our own magnets. We do TONS of tasks and chores each day. This could be good modeling for your kids too. They will say, "Look how many magnets MOM has on her chart!"

Also a very good way for our husbands to see all that we do in one day.

What do you think? How would you spend your magnets? TV time? Manicure? Go create your own magnet chart today! :)


  1. LOVE IT!!:) I want one too, I too would choose a kid freee trip to Hobby Lobby!:) Hope you are doing well!:)

  2. I love that! I think I need one for work!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I never thought to make a magnet chart for me! What a great idea!

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I'm actually getting ready to start a reward system in our house as well. :)

  5. Hey you!! (this is Charity Kings Kids Boutique)I love your blog!! :-) I just had to comment on this post... I HAVE these same reward charts for my little ones and am SOOOO bad about using them!! BUT, this has given me a much needed reminder!! :-) And BOY do I need a chart for myself... seriously, I would get a ton more done in a day!! Great post for me!! :-) Thank you!!
    Charity <><

  6. I love this idea. I need a chart for myself based on my latest blog post. I should get one for my Princess Zaria.

  7. These charts are so cute and I love it! Thanks for the idea!


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