Mommy Brain - A Peek Inside

So I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to find a "starter" for today's post.

My final try sent me to Etsy and I typed "mom chaos" into the search box...and voila!

A beautiful hand-stamped "Find Joy in the Chaos" necklace by Tag You're It Jewelry!

So what is my chaos, you ask?

Nothing major - just the small things that fill my mommy brain to the BRIM.

Honestly though, I think my mommy brain is OVERFLOWING. The faucet is ON and I need to stop the flow of thoughts, tasks, frustrations and chaos somehow. I hope that writing it down will help slow the flow to a drip! :)

A peek inside my mommy brain OR deep thoughts, really deep (valid today only - subject to change at ANY moment):

  • Hubby just left for another week-long business trip. He was home for 3 days. Gotta try to keep the house clean this time while he's away. Ha!
  • Business is good, really good. Lots of orders, lots of boxes, lots of packing, lots of lots.
  • Girls are pushing my buttons. Need to start over with rules and chores.
  • Living room floor is covered with Zu-Zu town, shoes, yesterday's school socks (ew!) and wool carpet fuzz (the worst).
  • Kitchen - need to empty dishwasher and fill again.
  • Is today garbage day?
  • Why is my daughter up watching "Imagination Movers" at 5:40 a.m.?
  • Will I ever get new drapes made for the living room?
  • Why are my Mother's Day flowers already dead?
  • Will I get a shower today?
  • Need to finish personalized totes for Leah and Anjali from the Isaiah 43:1 blog.
  • Lock self in sewing room to finish orders from April!
  • Waiting on e-mail from realtor for warehouse space.
  • Hoping my sister will come live with us this summer to help!
  • Important: Get an Alabama driver's license.
  • Drink another cup of coffee.

Okay, brain is not overflowing anymore - does this happen to you?

Thanks for listening!


  1. I think chaos follows the word Mommy. I know there are some days that I have so much to do. But, it doesn't seem like I get anything accomplished.

  2. Yes Yes Yes this happens to me, I think being a mom in business just adds to the total chaos that is mommyhood! But you are talented and amazing and you'll get it all done somehow ;-D I've been trying hard to find JOY in motherhood more, and forget the little stuff that drives me crazy. Of course, it's a process and will take me a long time to master. Good luck to you and thanks for the post.


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